The four department heads teach parts of the Sociology Bachelor and Master courses ("Sociology and social research"), as well as the old Diplom- and Magister degrees. Especially all departments of EMPAS are involved in the research orientated Master program.

Professor Engel offers lectures in advanced methods of longitudinal analysis, while Professors Huinink teaches the fundamental Theory of Life course research, as well as the specialized topic lifestyles and social structure. Professor Windzio teaches theoretical and methodological basics in the area of Migration and Urban studies with a focus on the longitudinal Life Course approach. Professor Schimank offers lectures in Sociological Theory, Economic Sociology and Organizational Sociology. Furthermore there are several lectures on applied research.

Additionally the four department heads are part of the BIGSSS, as core faculty members, where they take part in the post-graduate eduction.  The Social Science Methods Center, which takes care of the methodical education of the BA students of Geography, Political science, and Sociology, is run by Professor Engel's department.